Where it works

Marketing executives/ managers work in the Marketing Department, ensuring that marketing activities take place smoothly and regularly.

He/she works under the directives and supervision of the Owner.

The activities

While marketing executives focus implementing marketing plans, marketing managers gather information about markets to set the plans and guide marketing executives with specific tasks. These positions work together to ensure a successful marketing team, but they have different jobs and required qualities.

Main jobs of a marketing executive include: Receive the marketing plan from the leaders, implement and monitor the activities in the plan; Organize and measure the effectiveness of advertising/communication campaigns on advertising channels with an allowable budget; Manage the hotel’s marketing channel system like fanpage, website, email, etc.; Report to superiors on the effectiveness of marketing activities. Therefore, a marketing executive must have basic marketing knowledge, good teamwork skills, good organization and time management skills, good analytical thinking, and be creative, and flexible.

A marketing manager directly analyzes, plans, implements and controls a hotel’s marketing plans. The marketing manager plays an important role in planning (from planning research, formulating pricing policy, building program, to product development), and implementing marketing research programs, assigning activities, organizational structure, etc. He/she must be able to negotiate with relevant units, motivate employees, evaluate performance of a marketing team, etc.


Based on the size of the hotel, the manager will make the appropriate recruitment requirements for Marketing executives/ managers. While a marketing executive are required to have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, a marketing manager should have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. Often employers will require candidates to graduate from a college or university majoring in marketing, business administration, economics or related professions.

Technical skills

In general, a marketing team are required to have basic marketing knowledge and how to use basic marketing tools. Besides, they should have negotiation and persuasion skills; analytical, situational and decision-making skill; strategic thinking skill; team building and development skills; self-study, self-improvement, and intuitive thinking. Regarding the attitude, a marketing team should have the capacity to create and innovate, customer-centered attitude, and sensitivity.

Computer and linguistic knowledge

Foreign languages: know and use fluently at least 1 foreign language (usually English), can communicate with foreign guests.

Computer knowlegde: know how to use and proficiently use office computers (word, excel,…); proficiently use the Internet to look up information when necessary; Proficient in the use of related marketing tools

Personality and availability

A professional marketer should ensure to equip some of the most core qualities as follows:

–          Being active and always keeping a positive attitude while learning all the problems related to the field of hospitality

–          Being creative and confident, having good ideas to convey customers.

–          Being willing to change to adapt to the actual conditions.

–          Having good communication including listening and understanding, grasping the other’s psychology, negotiating and persuading.

–          Knowing how to connect team members and promote the power of teamwork