Where it works

The tourism sales staff works in the Department of Sales, providing complete and appropriate solutions for each customer in order to increase revenue and profit for the travel agent

He/she works under the directives and supervision of the Owner and the most experienced sales staff.

The activities

Like in a hotel, sales staff in tourism business also have similar job tasks and requirements. The difference is the focus on tourism activities. Tour sales staff is in charge of introducing, consulting and selling tours to customers, including travel agencies, hotels, groups or individual guests. Their main work focuses on selling existing tours or designing new tours at the request of guests. Besides advising customers on travel options suitable to their needs and ability to pay and time arrangement, tour sales staff also assist international customers with visa application.

Normally, tour sales staff in offices, small agencies or hotels only sell pre-designed tours organized and performed by tour operators. Meanwhile, working at a large company may require them to participate in surveying destinations, services, working with partners and suppliers (restaurants, hotels, transportation units, tourist attractions). …) to design and calculate tour prices. In addition, tour sales staff can support tour operators to do their jobs well, ensure attractive programs, increase revenue and ensure service quality for customers, handle all cases arising during the tour.

As mentioned earlier, specific jobs of tour sales staff depend on their working place, but in general some typical responsibilities include researching different destinations and means of travel in terms of customs, and weather conditions, evaluating prices, designing a reasonable tour program in terms of schedule and pricing. Tour sales staff also reach out to potential customers, learn about their needs and desires, then recommend suitable tours or travel packages. They organize trips from the beginning to the end, through booking air, train or car tickets and accommodation, contacting tour guides. Moreover, they provide travelers with pertinent information and useful travel materials like guides, maps, program of events, etc., be responsible for invoicing customers and participating in the promotion and advertising of tours by itinerary, handle arising problems such as tour cancellation, accident, conflict, refund, etc., create and update customer electronic records, achieve revenue and profit targets, attend travel events and fairs to expand relationships, sell more tours and keep up to date with the latest travel trends.


A degree is not a requirement for a tour sales staff, but in an increasingly competitive market, candidates with professional qualifications will have an added advantage. The basic requirements for this position are usually an intermediate or higher degree in Tourism, Hotel Management, Travel Management, Business or a related field.

Technical skills

a tourism salesman/saleswoman is able to self-motivate and set specific goals and focus on achieving them. Furthermore, it is necessary to be proficient in communication and negotiation to a wide range of audiences, proficient in work organization and time management, proficient in relationship management skills, and open-minded, willing to learn, and able to work independently and in a team.


They should have sales skills with customer-oriented approach, understand the domestic and international tourism market, be able to design tours suitable for trip purposes. In addition, they also need to have effective presentation, persuasion and communication skills, and be able to solve problems and handle crises

Computer and linguistic knowledge

Foreign languages: know and use fluently at least 1 foreign language (usually English), can communicate naturally and fluently with foreign guests.

Computer knowlegde: be proficient in Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and familiar with CRM software; be proficient in tourism software like computer reservation system,  proficiently use the Internet to look up information when necessary.

Personality and availability

A professional tourism sales staff should ensure to equip some of the most core qualities as follows:

–          Having ambition and passion to set goals for themselves and plan to achieve those goals.

–          Being perseverant, especially when facing rejections from customers, to find solutions to convince customers to use the products and services.

–          Working independently to organize, arrange, plan work in order of priority.

–          Thinking positively to solve the problems and draw lessons from failure.

–          Having a high sense of responsibility for work and empathy with customers