Organization chart

Below are some insights into the business structure of the hospitality businesses. The organisational structures presented here are neither ideal nor popular for all companies within the sector but consist of the common departments that we consider important for most hotel in Thai Nguyen province. In general, the typical organisational structures of hospitality companies in Thai Nguyen are functional and hieararchical, in which employees are divided into different departments by work specialization, and the department in charge has a direct guidance with the employees under its management. Following are some more details.


In particular, a common structure of a hospitality business in Thai Nguyen consists of the following positions:

– Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall management of the hotel’s business activities. He often reports to the Board of Directors, updates strategic plans, gets feedback from the Board about the development direction of the hotel and monitor the hotel management.

– Managing director is in charge of direct management of daily business activities, including marketing, budget management, revenue and profit maximization of the hotel. He devises the hotel’s policies and strategies, under the direct leadership of the CEO.

– Department heads are responsible for implementing the hotel’s strategic management. Each department in the hotel gets the assignments from the managing director, and promptly reports all problems to him. Department heads assign and manage work through divisions or teams. They inspect and supervise the work of employees in their departments, decise to reward and discipline employees if necessary.

+ Front desk department ensures reception work, including booking, check-in, check-out, providing information about services in the hotel and ensuring contact information for guests in the hotel. For example, the receptionist should master the types and number of guests, organize reception, understand needs of guests and guide them to use equipment, utensils and services in the room when guests arrive at the hotel. He also collects the information on customers’ opinions and reports daily to the department head.

+ Housekeeping (Room) department provides accommodation products and services at the hotel. It organizes, manages, operates and maintains the entire system of interior equipment and assets in bedrooms and accommodation areas. In particular, besides being responsible for cleaning rooms, public areas, and laundry, the housekeeping staff should fully provide the services and goods in the bedroom at the request of guests, in accordance with hotel regulations; fully and accurately record the situation of using rooms, and services arising during the day to compare and confirm payment invoices when guests leave; organizing the management and maintenance of guests’ things left behind at the hotel; notifying the reception department to find all measures to promptly return them to guests.

+ Restaurant department performs the work related to food and beverage at the Hotel, including kitchen and waiters/waitresses performing the following tasks: Process a variety of foods with high quality, correct technical process, beautiful appearance; Regularly change the menu to meet the diverse needs of customers; Decorate dining room, banquet room, function room; Organizing and serving guests during on-site meals, or organizing mobile catering, and in-room dining for guests.

+ Technical department ensures the hotel in good operation (machines, technical systems and equipment in the hotel), repairs, manages and supervises machinery, equipment and technical systems in the hotel.

+ Security department is an indispensable part in a hotel. The department is responsible for keeping the safety of customers, hotel properties as well as security in the hotel. Security staff is the person who customers get contact at first when coming to the hotel, and leave the last. So the security team is always well aware of their proper working attitude and seriousness.

+ Sales department is responsible for image creation, brand development, market research, market development and expansion, implementation of marketing programs approved by the board of directors, advising the managing director on marketing strategies, customer products, sales promotion of the hotel’s products and services.

+ Accounting department is responsible for tracking the hotel’s financial activities, receiving cash payments and bank transfers, paying salaries, preparing internal reports, accounting and financial regulations, advising the director in the process of proposing emulation, reward, discipline, and salary increases for officers and employees of the hotel, implementing other functions as assigned by the director.

+ Administration (Human Resources) Department is responsible for employee recruitment as well as training programs, employee relationship, salary, labor relations and human resource development.