Where it works

A restaurant waiter/waitress works in the Restaurant Department that deal with receiving orders and requests of guests, serving food and drinks to guests at the hotel.

He/she works under the directives and supervision of the Owner and the chief.

The activities

The daily work of a restaurant waiter/waitress includes many different processes. First, at the beginning of the shift, he/she must change uniforms, ensure clean personal hygiene, dynamic and flexible working style, keep tables and chairs neat and tidy, clean eating utensils, arrange and present the dining table according to the regulations of the restaurant and hotel. Second, he/she introduces guests to food and drinks at the restaurant, takes orders from customers, confirms the dishes, drinks and other requirements of customers, transfers orders to the kitchen to prepare them for customers, receives inquiries from customers, and prepares other requests of guests, makes payment for guests when leaving, says goodbye to guests, cleans up the dining tables to prepare for the next customers. Third, a restaurant waiter/waitress also performs maintenance of tools neatly and in the right place, manages the restaurant’s tables and chairs, cups, reports back to the manager when there are chipped or damaged items. Fourth, besides coordinating work with other departments, a restaurant waiter/waitress also reports to the department head/ manager any problems that occur during work.


Based on the size of the hotel, the manager will make the appropriate recruitment requirements for a restaurant waiter/waitress. Often employers will require candidates to graduate from a college or university majoring in hotel management, hotel tourism management or related professions.

Technical skills

In order to create a professional working environment to attract customers, restaurants and hotels should set standards of service for restaurant waiters/waitresses. For example, working attire must be neat and tidy; welcoming guests attentively, and understanding needs of customers. There are also standards of introducing the food and drinks at the restaurant, receiving accurate orders from customers, reporting them to the kitchen department for preparation and ensuring cleanliness and maintenance of tools at the restaurant. In this sense, restaurant waiters/waitresses should be able to communicate flexibly and convincingly to create sympathy with customers.


Another key requirement is good communication with customers, which makes customers happy about the restaurant and its products. The impression that each waiter/waitress leaves on the customer’s heart can help the restaurant gain more customers through referrals from previous customers.

Computer and linguistic knowledge

Foreign languages: be fluent in at least one foreign language other than the mother tongue (usually English), can communicate naturally and fluently with foreign guests.

Computer knowlegde: know how to use and proficiently use office computers (word, excel,…); proficiently use the Internet to look up information when necessary; Proficient in the use of hotel management software and hotel sales software

Personality and availability

A professional waiter/waitress should ensure to equip some of the most core qualities as follows:

–          Passionate about communicating with people, including strangers.

–          Being ingenious enough to serve customers in the best way

–          Knowing how to maintain a good reputation by being responsible for each work, keeping promises and commitments

–          Arranging work in a reasonable, controlled manner without letting things mess up.

–          Being able to work well in a team.

–          Having a comprehensive knowledge of food safety to ensure health for consumers.