Where it works

The accountants work in the Finance and Accounting Department, responsible for receiving information, calculating and handling all work related to assets and changes in assets of the business. They will also summarize the above information and produce reports that are valuable to the tourism company. The superiors will base on this report to assess the financial situation, and then have directions to deploy activities in the business in the most effective way.

He/she works under the directives and supervision of the Owner.

The activities

Accountants play a very important role in operating a business apparatus. They contribute to improving business efficiency by controlling the financial position of the business, helping to limit financial shortages. Accountants will monitor the entire operation of the business. Then, they conduct statistics, check, analyze specific data, support budgeting and cost planning in each project


Candidates need to graduate in related fields such as accounting, auditing, finance. In addition, candidates also need to equip some other qualifications such as: certificate of accounting practice, certificate in financial management and tax reporting, or in-depth certificate of accounting knowledge, etc.

Technical skills

Accountants need to have skills in observing, analyzing and synthesizing data. Working with a lot of numbers, this skill helps them synthesize and analyze accurately to assess the overall business situation of the business. Besides, it is necessary to have good planning skills to report and track the situation throughout. Planning skills help accountants prepare in advance, so that the assigned tasks will be done quickly. Also, good communication skills help accountants easily interact with colleagues and superiors. If unexpected things happen, they will easily receive help from people around. Moreover, since economic laws at home and abroad are adjusted and changed regularly, accountants need to have skills in reading documents in English to understand the terms, and update information regularly. Finally, time management skills are helpful to divide working time appropriately, limiting the situation of stagnant work.

Computer and linguistic knowledge

Vietnamese government has removed the requirement for certificates of foreign languages and informatics for accountants since 18/7/2022. However, computer and linguistic knowledge is still useful.

Foreign languages: be able to communicate with foreign customers, read documents, write financial reports in English.

Computer knowlegde: be proficient in office software, especially Excel, Power Point and common accounting software

Personality and availability

To fulfill the tasks, there are some required qualities of an accountant. One of the most important qualities is being meticulous, careful and accurate in work because his work relates with numbers all the time. During the year, there will be periods when the accounting department must work continuously with high intensity, so being able to withstand pressure is an advantage. Besides, the accounting department works with money related documents, so an accountant must be a highly disciplined person and take responsibility for actions. Also, financial numbers are always one of the sensitive issues when working. Therefore, this job requires accounting staff to be honest through the reports.